Nama : Hanggar H.

Kelas : 3 EB 04

NPM : 292 10 265

SOAL 1,  no. 2
If baby geese (A) is hatched in the absence of (B) their mother, (C) they  (D) will follow the first moving object they see.
Answer : A. is
Reason : It should be “are”
SOAL 2. No. 6
She (A) won’t (B) be going to the conference, and (C) neither won’t  her (D) colleagues.
Answer : C. Neither won’t
Reason : It should be “neither”
SOAL 3. No. 5
The examination (A) will test  your ability to understand (B) spoken English, to read non-technical language, and (C) writing (D) correctly.
Answer : C. writing
Reason : it should be “write”